„Day in, Day out”




„Max and the Others”

„Ski Heil – When two boards ment the world”

„The day I stop work is the day I die.!“

When my grandfather died in 1958, my grandmother Thresl took on the farm and inn at Harhamhof, high in the Austrian Alps. Day-in, day-out, she works the farm and runs the guesthouse. Next April she will be 100 years old, yet for her guests, she remains mistress of a timeless world. But not everyone likes how Thresl manages the Harhamhof. Thresl’s determination to keep working denies her son, Hans, his chance to take over. A documentary about persistence, will power and and dignity of old age.

Berlin. Max is 61. He loves sex with his friends. Everyone comes to Max's Kreuzberg playroom. Luckily, Max was once a lieutenant colonel in the German army, so he's good at ordering his life. But when a routine check-up delivers some shocking news, the lives of Max and his friends need to change. Max and the Others is a true story about intimate relationships in a subculture where identity and sexuality tangle in an ever tighter knot.

Recreational sport, competitive sport, and tourist attraction: today skiing is a matter of course, but it wasn ́t always this way: 80 years ago, four Austrian mountain boys raced down the snow-capped mountains on self-made skis, organized the first competitive races, and became the co-founders of a mass movement.

« Ski Heil » is a film about passion and repression, about men and their values that can’t be easily categorized in today’s world.

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